Bath Quay : Imagine Bath Competition

During a week in January 2015 a fellow third year, two first years and I participated in vertical studio and entered the Imagine Bath RIBA competition.
At the heart of our scheme are the deaths caused by people falling into the river and drowning. We identified the reason to be the lack of design, the lack of safety precautions around the river and the lack of lighting on the pathways. We want to abandon the negative connotations and create a postivite area in which people are aware of the dangers yet feel safe to enjoy the water, which Bath is so famous for.

Our proposal is for a moving bridge which floats on the water near the University of Bath Innovation Centre. The idea is to connect the existing paths which currently end and force pedestrians to cross the busy A road. The bridge will have two pivot points at which it can fold to create specifically 3 different states creating firstly a bidge, secondly a urban water park and thirdly a floating platform where events and artwork can be displayed. Artwork is displayed on boards along the path and some placed in the city centre which quide visitors down to the destination area.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 12.40.26 copy.jpg

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